Fall Showcase Lawns

Fall Showcase Lawns

Summer has officially drawn to a close, but, as these past few weeks have demonstrated, there are several weeks ahead with promised blue ribbon days to enjoy the great outdoors. While the entertaining schedule may be a bit less demanding, grooming your lawn should still be a priority, ensuring its beauty and health into winter hibernation.

Many will argue that autumn is the most beautiful season in Wisconsin, and back-to-school sports schedules give us plenty of time to be outside to enjoy it. Blue skies and cooler days are the perfect time to be in the backyard, and, with minimal additional effort, your lawn can be transformed into a work of art.

Generous rainfalls and modest August temperatures this summer have left many homeowners with lush, healthy lawns that will require the same regular mowing and maintenance schedule. Such healthy lawns are the perfect palate for lawn striping designs…

A few simple stripes and curves blends the landscaping with the flow of the patio, adding a sophisticated flair.