S&B Lawn Stryper: The Perfect Holiday Gift

With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas and holiday season is officially in full swing. Lights and decorations have appeared magically, signaling the month of festivities and celebrations ahead. Since black Friday, or in many cases before, retailers have begun the full court press to encourage vigorous shopping and generous gift giving. With so many options, messages and opportunities, gift buying can become absolutely overwhelming in this age of commercialism. The real trick is to keep it simple, streamline the efforts, and make more time to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and the company of loved ones.   Why do we think the Lawn Stryper makes a perfect holiday gift this year? (We say “a”, not “the”, because let’s face it, it is not “the” perfect gift for everyone, like your 10 year old daughter, but it is probably “the” perfect gift for a few people in your life.) We will give you 5 Reasons Why:   Share the Enthusiasm: As a fellow lawn enthusiast, you are well aware of what a lawn striping system can do to transform your yard into a showcase property. Share the gift of pride of property. Be Self-Serving: If your close-friend, neighbor, sibling or parent has a neglected lawn that is hard to look at, give them the perfect gift that will encourage them to take pride in their property. And take credit for the transformation. Give the Gift of Anticipation: Once the Christmas tree has been taken down and the New Year celebrations over, the prospect of a long gray winter in Southeastern Wisconsin can be downright depressing. Everyone needs something to look forward to, like the promise of Spring and the days of preparing the lawn for outdoor enjoyment ahead. Be Original: mass commercialization has made gift giving something less spectacular than…

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Last Call for Fall Lawn Fertilizer and Insecticide Applications

It may seem counterintuitive to be treating lawns and other property features with fertilizers and insecticides as the growing season is nearing a halt in the Midwest. However, lawn enthusiasts are likely well-versed on best practices and schedules for keeping grass and lawns healthy year round. A basic understanding of your property’s growth cycles and potential vulnerabilities, paired with knowledge of any prior disease and infestation concerns, should be the best indicators for valuable treatment options to keep a healthy lawn in every season. While grasses, shrubs and trees are preparing for their winter dormancy, they are busy storing up all the necessary nutrients to carry them through their sleep and emerge healthy come spring. Most experts agree that fall fertilizing practices are the best offense, to ensure that nutrients are at their optimum growing levels; since growing is tapering off, whatever nutrients are not being used for growing are reserved to sustain grass in the cold weather. Fall is also a perfect time to reseed or perform any necessary lawn renovation, as it is the best time to get germination of new grass. To optimize the benefits of fall fertilization, it is important to perform while the ground temperatures are still relatively warm, the soil is still absorbing moisture and nutrients are reaching the root level. While Wisconsin’s seasons are always unpredictable, mid to late November is generally the cutoff point for applications to be beneficial. This applies also to weed control, as weeds are in the same energy-absorbing mode as grasses and plants, and drinking up an herbicide in the fall will ensure their scarcity in the spring. In addition to being the optimal time to provide necessary nutrients through fertilization and to apply herbicides to tackle weeds, fall is also the time to take action against insects and…

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Fall Lawn Care 101: Prepare your Showcase Lawn for the Winter Months Ahead

Mid-October in Wisconsin typically marks the end of the extended Indian summer weather, and the colder days and nights are a reminder to prepare our prized lawns for the winter months to come. With proper, diligent maintenance schedules, healthy lawns are equipped to handle the extreme conditions and multiple freeze/ thaw cycles that are common to the Midwest and awaken from the winter dormancy in good condition. Now is the time to perform final inspections for any necessary turf repairs and address any additional maintenance requirements the grass may need to ensure its strength during the winter sleep.

Fall Showcase Lawns

Summer has officially drawn to a close, but, as these past few weeks have demonstrated, there are several weeks ahead with promised blue ribbon days to enjoy the great outdoors. While the entertaining schedule may be a bit less demanding, grooming your lawn should still be a priority, ensuring its beauty and health into winter hibernation.

Lawn Thatch: Causes, Solutions and What to Look For

Lawn thatch buildup is a common problem for both warm and cold season grasses, occurring when grass or turf produce organic debris faster than microorganisms in the soil can break it down. Thatch develops naturally in nearly all types of grasses, as a layer between the green vegetation and the soil surface, comprised of a loose mixture of living and dead shoots, roots and stems. There are benefits to maintaining a thin layer of thatch, however buildups may occur spring, summer and/or fall, which need to be addressed before it has damaging effects on an otherwise healthy lawn.

Keeping Lawn Healthy Through the End of Summer & Preparing for Fall Maintenance

Typically in mid-August, there are plenty of long, hot and dry days ahead that may further stress your lawn after weeks of similarly taxing conditions. While mid-August daylight hours in Southeastern Wisconsin are at least an hour shorter than in July, the effects of drought-like conditions, which typically start in mid-July, tend to be more noticeable in August after lawns have struggled to stay healthy under duress. Brown patches due to dormant or diseased grass are a common sight, and homeowners are forced to temper both expectations and efforts to keep healthy lawns green.

Keeping your lawn Healthy during periods of drought

When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, the spring months are about getting your lawn green and healthy. They are also about preparing your lawn for the hot, dry months during the summer, and the heavier traffic conditions that come with homeowners spending more time outdoors. Summer lawn care is more about keeping your lawn healthy during stressful conditions, particularly during periods of drought following the plentiful rainfalls of spring.

Summer Lawn Diseases: What to Look For

While the springtime is all about preparing your lawn for the showcase summer months, the maintenance and care throughout the summer can make all the difference in keeping it healthy. Summer in particular is the time of year when lawns are more susceptible to a variety of lawn diseases. The high humidity paired with heavy rains (such as the ones we have experienced over the past month in Wisconsin) are the perfect breeding ground for many types of fungi that can wreak lasting damage if not properly identified and treated promptly.

Mid-Summer Lawn Care Advice to Ensure a Showcase Lawn all Summer Long

The heat has been turned up this July, which means summer activities and outdoor entertaining are in peak season. A blazing hot sun can be tough on the lawn even when summer showers offer relief, and can be particularly damaging with a series of dry days and nights. Undue stress to your grass can be minimized with regular care and attention, and, aside from watering and maintaining a regular mowing schedule, there are some other easy tips to ensure your lawn’s health.

Lawn Patterning Made Easy

Summer has finally come to the Midwest, our lawns are healthy from springtime maintenance and the favorite season begins for living and entertaining outdoors. Homeowners that take pride in their yard and carefully cultivate the blooming landscape that is the silver lining in the spring’s rainy days should now be enjoying a beautiful green lawn that provides the canvas for their home’s lush surroundings. Patterning the lovingly maintained grounds is an easy way to accentuate the home and property, adding further distinction and design with minimal effort.