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What is Lawn Striping/ Lawn Patterning?

The effect of ‘Stripes’ is created by properly bending grass so light reflects off the grass blades. Blades bent towards you look dark while those bent away appear lighter. The Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping Systems are designed to properly bend grass, while one is mowing, to create the ‘Striping’ effect that is commonly seen at the Ballparks, Golf Courses and Professional Landscaped Properties.

How Do I Know The Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping System will fit on my Mower?

Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping Systems are designed to fit on many residential walk-behind lawn mowers. Simply enter in your Lawn Mower Brand on the S&B Lawn Systems Store Page to see if, and what, Lawn Stryper™ System is right for you.

How do I Choose what Pattern to Use?
From Straight Stripes, to Double/Singles, to Waves, to Checkboard or other Patterns – this is Entirely up to Your Preference. When choosing a pattern type always keep ‘Line-of-Sight’ in mind.

What is Line-of-Sight when Striping?

Ever been to a Ballpark and notice all the different Stripe Angles that are Present on the Field? Ever notice, based upon your vantage point, some of these Stripes are more noticeable than others? This is Line-of-Sight. A dark ‘stripe’ is created when patterning towards the viewer and a light ‘stripe’ is created by patterning away from the viewer. In order to view all of the benefits, ‘line of sight’ patterning is recommended. For example, if you were sitting on your front porch, looking out towards your lawn, consider patterning lines that come straight to and away from your porch as seen in picture below. If you were to view these same patterns from the side, visual results may be less dramatic. Important to also consider light/sun position. For Example, Stripes were created in a North/South direction. Should the sun be in the east or west, stripes will not be as prevalent. Yet if Sun is positioned in the North or South, while viewing with sun behind you, Stripes will be most prevalent.

How long does a Pattern remain on my lawn?

As your lawn naturally grows, the stipes from previous cut will become less apparent. When the time comes to cut again, user can choose to mow and pattern the same or create a new pattern. It is recommended to change up mowing patterns every few weeks.

How do I know if my grass type is conducive to Striping?

In general, cool season grass types such as Rye, Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass ‘stripe’ more easily. Warm season grass types such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia are coarser and do not pattern as well yet striping results can still be achieved. Overall health of your lawn in also an important factor. S&B Lawn Systems recommends that you know what type of grass you have and refer to the Zone Map for further guidance.

Can Striping/Patterning grass be damaging to my lawn?
No, not as long as the grass is healthy, properly maintained and the pattern is changed every few weeks. S&B Lawn Systems recommends that striping not occur when grass is dormant or under stress due to drought or disease. Visual results may vary based upon health of grass, length of grass, available sunlight and seasonal conditions. A less dramatic patterning effect can be a result of insufficient sunlight, dormant grass, unhealthy grass, or when used on warm-season grass types.
Does the Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping Systems still allow me to cut my grass?

Yes, it is designed to attach and follow behind your walk behind lawn mower during normal lawn cutting operations. Simply Mow and Pattern at the Same Time

Once attached, do I always have to use the Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping System?

No, the Lawn Stryper™ is designed so the user can easily take off/place on within seconds.

Can I still use my bagger?

Yes. The Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping System is designed to work with or without most bagging system. It is important that once attached, the tow bar of the Lawn Stryper™ not impede your current bagging system

Will patterns show up when there is a drought (brown grass) or when grass is dormant?
Not likely, as lawn should be healthy before attempting patterning/ striping. That will maximize the results as well as ensure proper lawn health.
Can I use the Lawn Stryper™ on riding or zero turn mowers?
No, the Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping Systems are designed specifically for use on residential walk-behind lawn mowers.
Does it take longer to cut my grass with the Lawn Stryper™ attached?
Basic patterns should not take any longer than you would normally need to cut your grass. Certain pattern techniques that are more complex will take longer due to amount of time needed for additional turns, double cuts or over-lapping which may be necessary.
What should I do if additional/replacement parts are needed?

Simply visit our parts section.

Lawn Patterning Zone Map
Lawn Patterning Zone Map