Lawn StryperTM Lawn Striping Systems

Lawn StryperTM Striping System

S&B Lawn Systems Inc. created the Lawn StryperTM  to make professional grade lawn patterning accessible for homeowners, with an easy-to- use and affordable product. The Lawn StryperTM  Lawn Striping System easily attaches to most 20”-22” residential walk-behind, self-propelled and push lawn mowers allowing users to Pattern Your Lawn Like the Pros!TM


  • 3 custom colors to choose from: Red, Green and Black
  • Designed to work with or without bagging system
  • Adjustable in height, width and angle to match specific lawn mower.
  • Mow and Stripe at the same time
  • Unit turns with lawnmower without jack-knifing when reversing
  • Designed to fit onto both large and small wheeled walk-behind lawn mowers, no extension arm required
  • Cover/Roller system can be removed within seconds while bracketing system remains in place
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a full color “How To Patterning Guide”
  • Roller fill requires 16 to 20 lbs of DRY sand
  • Refer to Lawn Patterning Zone Map*
setting up your lawn striper and a small lawn mower

*Cool season grass types such as Rye, Fescue and Bluegrass typically pattern more easily. Warm season grass types such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia are coarser and do not typically pattern as easily. It is recommended to know your grass type and refer to the lawn patterning zone map for reference.

lawn stryper, lawn striping system, pattern your lawn like the pros!
lawn stryper, lawn striping system out of the box
lawn stryper, lawn striping system just out of box photo

“I bought the lawn striper a couple months ago and I have been really really pleased!! It makes nice clean stripes in my yard that my neighbors are envious about. It was really easy to put together and start using right away! I would recommend this product and Mowers Direct website to anyone. Thanks so much!”