With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas and holiday season is officially in full swing. Lights and decorations have appeared magically, signaling the month of festivities and celebrations ahead. Since black Friday, or in many cases before, retailers have begun the full court press to encourage vigorous shopping and generous gift giving. With so many options, messages and opportunities, gift buying can become absolutely overwhelming in this age of commercialism. The real trick is to keep it simple, streamline the efforts, and make more time to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and the company of loved ones.

Why do we think the Lawn Stryper makes a perfect holiday gift this year? (We say “a”, not “the”, because let’s face it, it is not “the” perfect gift for everyone, like your 10 year old daughter, but it is probably “the” perfect gift for a few people in your life.) We will give you 5 Reasons Why:

Share the Enthusiasm: As a fellow lawn enthusiast, you are well aware of what a lawn striping system can do to transform your yard into a showcase property. Share the gift of pride of property.
Be Self-Serving: If your close-friend, neighbor, sibling or parent has a neglected lawn that is hard to look at, give them the perfect gift that will encourage them to take pride in their property. And take credit for the transformation.
Give the Gift of Anticipation: Once the Christmas tree has been taken down and the New Year celebrations over, the prospect of a long gray winter in Southeastern Wisconsin can be downright depressing. Everyone needs something to look forward to, like the promise of Spring and the days of preparing the lawn for outdoor enjoyment ahead.
Be Original: mass commercialization has made gift giving something less spectacular than it used to be, with gift cards and bottles of wine the easy way out. A Lawn Stryper lawn striping system is a completely original and practical gift, which reflects your careful thought about the recipient.
Showcase Your Expertise: When you invest in a Lawn Stryper lawn striping system, the passion and pride it instills in your lawn’s care inspires residual diligent lawn maintenance routines. Along with the thoughtful gift of a lawn striping system, print out your favorite patterns and lawn care tips to share the tricks of the trade behind achieving a showcase lawn.

Your fellow lawn enthusiasts at S&B Lawn Systems wish you the happiest of holidays, and share your dreams of green grass ahead!