Striping & Patterning Lawns

Lawn Stryper™ Striping & Patterning

How it works…

’Patterning’ or ‘Striping’ lawns is the result of properly bending grass so that light reflects differently off the blades of grass. When looking at a patterned, or striped lawn, grass leaning away will look lighter and grass that is leaning towards will look darker.

Examples of ‘Stripes’ can commonly be seen at the Ballparks, Golf Courses and Professionally Managed Landscaped Properties.

When attached to a residential walk-behind lawn mower, the Lawn Stryper™ Lawn Striping Systems can easily and safely ‘stripe’ lawn by properly bending the grass blades while one is mowing.

Create straight patterns, curves, circles, checkerboards, single/doubles, diamond patterns and more.

Some grass types will accentuate the patterning and striping effects. Cool season grass types typically pattern more easily versus warm season grass types. There are some areas in the country where lawn patterning is not as easily achievable due to the type of grass.

Refer to the zone map and understand what grass type you have prior to striping.

S&B Lawn Systems, Inc. recommends changing patterns every few weeks and it is beneficial to understand ‘Line-of-Sight’ when striping or patterning lawns.

It is also important to have a well-maintained lawn in order to experience all of the benefits of striping.

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Lawn Patterning Zone Map
Lawn Patterning Zone Map
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Lawn Patterning Zone Map