It is the result of properly bending grass blades so that light reflects differently.

This is entirely to your preference. If your grass is healthy, it is able to sustain any of the multiple patterns the Lawn Striping System can create.

It lasts until your next mowing, and to maintain a healthy lawn, it is recommended that you mow every 5-7 days and change up mowing patterns every few weeks to improve your lawn’s tolerance.

Typically cool season grasses (such as Rye grass, Fescue and Bluegrass pattern more easily. Warm season grasses (such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia) are coarser and do not pattern as easily. Know what type of grass you have and refer to the Zone Map for further guidance.

No, as long as the grass is healthy, properly maintained and the pattern is changed every few weeks, it should not cause any stress.

Yes, it is designed to attach and follow behind your walk behind lawn mower during normal lawn cutting operations.

No, the Lawn Striping system is designed to be easily disengaged

Yes. The Lawn Striping system is designed to work with or without a bagging system. It is important that once attached, the S&B System bottom bar not impede your current bagging system.

Not likely, as lawn should be healthy before attempting patterning/ striping. That will maximize the results as well as ensure proper lawn health.

No, they are designed specifically for use on walk behind and push lawnmowers ONLY.

Simply contact us through the support section of the website.

Basic patterns should not take any longer than you would normally need to cut your grass. Certain pattern techniques that are more complex will take longer due to amount of time needed for additional turns, double cuts or over-lapping which may be necessary to design.