Amazing Striping – “This professional grade lawn striping system makes it easily attainable for your lawn and landscaping to stand out from the crowd. The Toro Lawn Striping System (Model 20601) adds professional-looking stripes while you mow.”

Striping System – “I am a master gardener and part of my personal passion is my turf. For years I have been looking for a way to stripe my lawn without the cost of an expensive (1,660.00+) striping mower. By accident I stumbled upon your site (Mowers Direct), called and spoke to one of your sales reps and 5 days later it arrived. I followed the very simple assembly instructions and 15 minutes later I was stripping my lawn. It looks great-it works great and it’s easy to use and it’s inexpensive. My lawn looks like a ball park!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks very much.”

Toro Lawn Striper – “I love the look the striper gives my lawn. I always wondered how baseball stadiums got that look. Now people look at my lawn and ask, how did you do that? It’s a question I’m always willing to answer.”

VERY PLEASED – “I bought the lawn striper a couple months ago and I have been really really pleased!! It makes nice clean stripes in my yard that my neighbors are envious about. It was really easy to put together and start using right away! I would recommend this product and Mowers Direct website to anyone. Thanks so much!”

Neighbor Envy X 10 – “Bought it, Love it, and that’s all that needs to be said.Well done Toro and Mowers Direct! No question I will be ordering more items in the future!”

WOW, It actually works – “I cannot believe how well this actually works. No reviews anywhere on this product at all. Literally bought it just expecting to return it for being just a gimmick! Totally shocked how well this works. I made my wife and kid come look at the lawn after I finished. My wife was totally excited and I cannot wait to see the lawn tomorrow morning when I leave for work. The stripes are really sharp and dramatic. Because it goes on a push mower, you get more stripes than on the wide decks the pros use. Therefore, your lawn will actually look even better doing it yourself. Well worth it.”

Must buy!! – “I have had this system for over 2 years now. Every time I mow my lawn I use it. I have had professional landscape artists ask me how I get my lawn so green and how I get the beautiful stripes in my lawn. If you want to have a lawn that stands out in comparison to all of your neighbors, you must get this item. Don’t forget to water often, fertilize, and cut high so the blades of grass can lay down better.”

Lawn Care Nut – “I’ve used it two weeks now and I’m getting better at using it. Bought this thanks to a YouTuber Allyn Hane aka ‘the lawn care nut’. I double up my stripes to make them look fat. Now I’m domintaing my neighbors like Allyn. Make sure you fill it with DRY SAND! Buy the kiln dried sand. Your typical playsand is wet in the bag and you will never get it dry enough to get it down a funnel into the rolling pin. Filling with water doesn’t work as it prevents the pin from rolling properly.”

Very Nice – “I have to admit that, prior to ordering this I was a bit skeptical. I have tried to stripe my lawn for years, using makeshift homemade stripers. Nothing has worked well, and the results have been less than stellar but I still didn’t want to pay this much money to stripe my lawn. I finally broke down and ordered this thing a few weeks ago and have used it a handful of times. First: installation. The instructions were clear and the installation was relatively easy. I had an issue where one of the buttons that hold two pipes together got stuck and rotated around the wrong way, but I managed to fix that with some needle nosed pliers. I filled the tube with sand and away I went. Taking the roller off and on is a simple task , and he results are great! It may be difficult for some to use if you do not have a self propelled mower. After all you’re adding about 20 pounds of weight to your mower. I have a push mower though and found it acceptable. All in all, this product is easy to use and gives great results. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their lawn to look great.”

Great Visual Effect – “I’m the envy of all my neighbors. My yard looks like Comerica Park. I’ve had people drive by a slow down to take pics. I’m happy that I did buy this system, thank you for offering it.”

Professional – “This professional grade lawn striping system designed for the homeowner, makes it effortless for your lawn and landscaping to stand out from the crowd. With several creative eye catching designs, Lawn Strypertm can transform your entire property.”